I am now back in Vienna after the holidays and am slowly getting used to the pace of the city after a few weeks spent in the mountains/countryside part of Austria. My roomie and I did a spring cleaning yesterday which felt so good. I’m not a person who loves cleaning like crazy, but sometimes … More Embroidery

Feeling Spring

Despite the fact that I am on a three week long holiday at the moment (that is sadly ending on monday), I did not post much, as I do usually when I’m off. The reason for that may be that I had the best time with my best friends and did not spend a lot of time … More Feeling Spring

Touch of Red

I am back in Vienna and it was quite hard this time to say goodbye to winter wonderland in Vorarlberg. Driving through the countryside there, seeing all those snowy mountains and fields, made me incredibly happy and knowing that lots of work was waiting for me back in the city didn’t make the situation better. … More Touch of Red


Finally my (second) favourite season properly arrived in Austria. A week earlier and we would have had white christmas, but anyway – have I told you how much I love snow? 😉  It reminds me of my childhood christmases and brings back memories of me and my sisters building snowmen and spending the whole day … More Winter

The New Year

I am writing this post on 31 December and won’t ramble too much. I just wanted to share my outfit for NYE this year. Most people know that I’m not a huge fan of NYE festivities, in my opinion it is linked to too many expectations. For me personally 2016 was a great year (not … More The New Year

Sun Kissed

As much as I wish for snow right now, I love the evening sun for taking pictures outside without freezing – nothing creates a more magical and truly sunkissed look. I could even wear sandals, which may be a bit exaggerated for this time of the year, but they matched my outfit perfectly – so … More Sun Kissed

Boxing Day

If I got one thing from my mum, it is probably my love for coats and jackets. Only this year she got at least two new winter coats (not that she wouldn’t already own quite a few). For me that means every time I see a beautiful jacket I absolutely NEED to have and she … More Boxing Day

Christmas Time

I can’t even tell you how much I wished for the christmas holidays to come this year. December is one of my favourite month because of the festive mood and decorations, christmas movies and cookies and all the advent markets. That being said Vienna is a beautiful city during that season as it is covered … More Christmas Time


Uni hit me hard this semester… I can’t think of the last time I had so much to do than right at the moment. There are lots of projects I have to work on with my uni collegues and of course, at least one exame per week. Sometmes I really have to take a moment … More Grey