Colour Scheme


It’s 21.00 and I am sitting on our terrace in Vienna writing this blogpost. I just came home from uni and am grateful to be able to enjoy a warm evening outside. Over the past weekend I drove home to Vorarlberg to see my family and for a (too) short trip to Milan. I have never been the person who likes to say goodbye – I guess nobody really is that kinda person – but I always have the hardest time saying goodbye to my loved ones (even if it is for two days, sometimes). Especially after a fun weekend at home, joking around with my fam and our dog, knowing that I won’t see them for about two month, I felt quite sad to go back to Vienna. After living here for three years and having amazing friends here, it also feels like proper home to me, however I sometimes miss the calmness of the countryside and – of course – my family.

On the other side, I really enjoy having the opportunity to go out for dinner in a city like Vienna, where you have multiple options to have a great time with friends. I really got used to this and can’t remember the times I first had to ask for my mum’s car and then had to think about restaurant possibilities for two hours back in Vorarlberg. There are always pros and cons, right?

You may have recognised a colour scheme in my last posts – pinks and rosés. I got the light pink (faux) leather jacket at Zara a few weeks ago and am more than happy about the purchase. Leather jackets are my thing for sure, and I now own quite a few different coloured ones. However, this one ligthens up every look and I like the contrast between the biker style and the soft colour. It perfectly matched with the pink and red cross-body bag, I got in Milan and my Gucci-style loafers I adore so much. The new pair of striped culottes (also Milan) made for a perfect center piece and and they are definitely my fave choice on warm spring days when I don’t want to wear short skirts or summer dresses already. (side note: I finally got round to dye my hair pink and I love it!)



Pictures by @mosaicodelsole

Jacket | Zara

Top | H&M

Culottes | Stradivarius

Shoes | Rosa

Bag | Caprisa

Necklace | Wanderlust


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