In the past I have always been a huge black-wearer and I rarely wore prints. The only print I have kind of always liked were small flowers on dresses and blouses. When we were in South Tyrol shortly before Easter my best friend/roomie agreed with me, when I realized that since the new year (wait, how can it already be end of April?!) I mostly wore light colours and also added quite a few printed pieces to my collection. I have always been someone to dress accordingly to my feelings and I would say that my style has all in all been quite constant. However, it changes slightly from time to time. How I dress has always depended on my personality and how inspired I felt. I am very happy to feel so inspired at the moment and to have the feeling that I am content with the person I am right now – of course, nobody is perfect, but that isn’t really the goal, at least not for me.

A few weeks ago when I was shopping with one of my girls, I found this awsome bomber jacket at H&M. When I told her that I constantly have the feeling to fall in love with all the ‘interessting’ (aka ugly) pieces, she corrected me and said, they were just very special – I kind of liked this thought. However, back to the bomber – the print and colour combination made me want i really badly and as it was reduced from 60€ to 24€ it made for the best Easter present. I added a pair of skinny jeans and the most perfect, dreamy shoes to the outfit. (side note: The shoes were a gift from myself to myself and my whole family fell in love with them. In the end my dad made me buy them.)


Pictures by @helenaschwaerzler

Bomber | H&M

Jeans | Mango

T-Shirt | H&M

Bag | H&M

Shoes | Ovyé

Glasses | Boss Orange


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