I’m actually writing this sitting on my couch one day before this post will go live because I’m sure that there will be no time for me to publish it on Easter sunday. I love those family days when it is all about the food and the company of your dearest. As I spend most of the year in Vienna and sadly can’t attend all the birthdays and other special occasions at home in Vorarlberg I enjoy days like Christmas and Easter even more. Today we’re off to my aunts place and I can’t wait to see my little cousine and their dogs (I don’t have to metion the food, right?).

On to my Outfit – two of the pieces you will already have seen in my last post. I decided to style the ‘kimono’ (as my family likes to call it) with the new pair of mom jeans and a simple black Ralph Lauren shirt I got ages ago. Even if I liked the look with flat sneakers, I felt the need to add something a bit more sexy to the outfit. I chose my all-time favourite heels, which I got for my 17th birhtday nearly four years ago. They are probably the most comfy heels I own (my roomie loves them as well) and I love the look of a bootie with cut-outs.

Happy Easter everyone!


Pictures by @helenaschwaerzler

The Girl behind the camera – my sister Helena. Thank you little sis for being patient with me and getting the best shots for me.

Jacket | Zara

Jeans | Zara

Shirt | Ralph Lauren

Shoes | Alisha

Bag | Zara

Earrings | Sixx


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