Feeling Spring


Despite the fact that I am on a three week long holiday at the moment (that is sadly ending on monday), I did not post much, as I do usually when I’m off. The reason for that may be that I had the best time with my best friends and did not spend a lot of time at home or in front of my computer. To be honest I normally prefer christmas holidays to the ones after the winter semester, but this year I could not have asked for a more enjoyable time. The first few days I spent skiing with two of my uni girls in the Montafon and I have to admit, they really did a good job in convincing me that this is an amazing sport. I could just forget about uni and the most stressful semester that now lays behind us – luckily. After a fun day spent in Zurich and another one spent at an indoor swimmingpool with two of my fave boys, I again hit the slopes. Spending so much time with people I love, was the best thing ever and I really don’t wanna to go back to (uni)reality. At least I am truly looking forward to spring…

Speaking of spring my outfit is inspired by the upcoming season. A few days ago my roomie and I sat on the ski lift in our warm winter gear and talked about how much we are looking gorward to getting out all our lighter jackets and shoes. I love winter and mountains covered in snow are two of the things that make me the most happy, but wearing leather jackets again isn’t a bad thing neither. My fave one from Michael Kors thrown over a cool blouse makes for the perfect looking-forward-to-spring-outfit.


Shot by @helenaschwaerzler

Leather jacket | Michael Kors

Blouse | Cici

Jeans | River Island

Scarf | Primark

Shoes, Bag | Zara


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