About Friends and Family


I have the best people in my life – at least they are perfect to me. Since I was little my family was one of the most important things for me. We have a really close relationship and my mum is a very special girlfriend to me, which I appreciate a lot as I realized that that’s not something everyone can say. I know that my parents will always be there for me, support my big dreams and not at least my life in Vienna. This is also the reason why I am always looking forward to seeing my fam (and our dog) again after weeks or month spent in the city I’ve chosen to live in.  My two little sisters may sometimes be the complete opposite of myself, but we manage to always have a great time together – like shooting this pictures in the woods after christmas. (Side note: You can really see the ‘girl-from-the-countryside’-vibe here which is quite rare for me.)

However, there was a time (called teenage years 🙂 ) I had the desire to escape the family life and build my own one. I think this is a process we all go through to finally grow up. And that is the point I soon moved to Vienna with my best friend. Which leads me to the other important group of people in my life. I was never the girl who had a huge amount of friends, but the one who had a few very close and special ones. As I moved to Vienna I once again realized how much friends mean to me and how much I love mine. Not only do live three of my very best friends from Vorarlberg in Vienna now, but also have I found some amazing girls at university – it is the best feeling to know that I am never alone here and that I can always count on some girly talk if I need it. And of course, there are the friends that don’t live that lose to me, but who are not less important because of that.

There were certain situations in my life (everyone knows these), I was so grateful to have my family and friends who made me laugh again and told me that they loved me. This is porbably one of the best feelings you can have and I really hope to give them the same one.


Pictures by @helenaschwaerzler @samuel_nussbaumer @sophia.schwaerzler and me


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