Touch of Red


I am back in Vienna and it was quite hard this time to say goodbye to winter wonderland in Vorarlberg. Driving through the countryside there, seeing all those snowy mountains and fields, made me incredibly happy and knowing that lots of work was waiting for me back in the city didn’t make the situation better. However, I already admire being in my own flat and having so many of my favourite people close to me. I just really hope that I still get to enjoy that beautiful snow on today’s pictures in February to go skiing.

As you may have noticed  (or maybe not – to be honest, I sometimes even forget myself which pairs of shoes I own) I bought a new pair of booties. Originally, I went to town with my little sister and my mum to find the sis some birhtday presents. And I want you to know that I found these shoes for her… However, we both ended up buying them as they were -50% and who could resist in this case? To my defense, I have to mention that these boots are unlike any other pair I own and I fell in love with the roughness they add to any outfit. I will probably wear them a lot, not only during winter, but also with some girly dresses during spring.


Pictures by @helenaschwaerzler

Coat | Zara

Cardigan | Hollister

Top | Zara

Jeans | River Island

Bag | Zara

Boots | Deichmann


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