Finally my (second) favourite season properly arrived in Austria. A week earlier and we would have had white christmas, but anyway – have I told you how much I love snow? 😉  It reminds me of my childhood christmases and brings back memories of me and my sisters building snowmen and spending the whole day outside with our friends. Still the magic didn’t disappear for me while getting older. I went and had breakfast with two of my girls yesterday in a very small village in the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg and it made me so happy driving through the snowy landscape (even if I really had to concentrate on the streets – I’m not the biggest pro when it comes to snow driving). The last picture may transfer a bit of the winter wonderland feeling I had.

As much as I love the weather during winter, I never really liked it fashionwise. Big coats and chuncky shoes are not exactly what I used to be comfortable in. Luckily, I have changed my mind in this point. As my coat-collection is growing (told you in one of my last posts!) there are much more possibilities for me to dress in a stylish way. And also layering makes all the difference! Wearing several layers including a big scarf and tops under my jumpers keeps me warm.

Another thing that definitely changed for me, is the fact that I now love wearing light colours during winter. Black was always my thing and normally I couldn’t wait for the cooler seasons to start to get all my black pieces out. This year I am much more into my whites and greys – still mixed with some burgundy accents here and there.


Coat | Zara

Jeans | Zara

Jumper | Monki

Bag | Zara

Hat | Tally Weijl

Shoes | No Name


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