The New Year


I am writing this post on 31 December and won’t ramble too much. I just wanted to share my outfit for NYE this year. Most people know that I’m not a huge fan of NYE festivities, in my opinion it is linked to too many expectations. For me personally 2016 was a great year (not concerning all the terrible events around the world, of course) and I just hope for 2017 to be as happy, filled with fun events and interesting, fun people that make me care about them as much as they care about me. However, I try to be very relaxed and laid back and hope to be able to enjoy all the little (and big) things life offers me. I have a feeling that growing up isn’t always easy, but looking back isn’t a solution anyway. Sometimes however, it is probably the most wonderful thing.

Here’s to a year full of happiness, people I love and adventures I will experience with them!



Jumpsuit | Arté

Jacket | Michael Kors

Bag | Zara

Shoes | River Island

Necklace | Wanderlust & Co


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