Boxing Day


If I got one thing from my mum, it is probably my love for coats and jackets. Only this year she got at least two new winter coats (not that she wouldn’t already own quite a few). For me that means every time I see a beautiful jacket I absolutely NEED to have and she states that I wouldn’t need any more, I can say: Mum, you can’t blame me 😉

One of the reasons why I love outerwear so much, is that during the colder month you often can’t see the outfit you are wearing underneath. I have to admit that also makes me wear my coats open most of the time (thankfully I don’t get cold too easily), but as a fashion girl I feel the need to match everything I am wearing. A great jacket can make a big statement and allows me to feel stylish all year round.

When my parents visited me in Vienna a few weeks back, we made a quick stop at Zara – initially to show them a faux fur leo coat – but then we (not quite sure if it was my dad or me) found this navy beauty. Having a weakness for luxury looking things (that’s probably something I got from my dad), I totally fell in love with it. As I own no coat with a hood it was the perfect match, not to mention that I adore the black fur trimming in contrast to the navy fabric. Boxing day was the perfect occasion to wear my new piece over a black jumpsuite with some burgundy booties.

PS: ‘Tanja, there is no more space for your coats’ – words by my flatmate in Vienna 😉


Coat | Zara

Jumpsuit | H&M

Shoes | Zara

Bag | Zara

Necklace | Wanderlust & Co

Ring | Chupi


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