Fancy Pants


Today is the last day I get to enjoy at home in Vorarlberg before I’m off to Vienna in the late afternoon. I had a few lovely days with my family, which I (of course) also used to take new blog pictures. At this point I want to say thank you to my little sister Helena, who takes most of the pictures for me and steadily improves her skills, which I really appreciate! I also got to spend time with my best friends (one of them I haven’t seen for 2,5 months) and realised that distance means nothing if you are as close as we are. It felt like we have never been appart and spending time with them in one of my favourite parts of Vorarlberg – Montafon – made the long weekend even better.

Concerning my outfit I opted for something quite new to me. Most of the time I am wearing jeans or sometimes skirts and dresses, but I rarely choose any form of pants. Or to be more precise, I rarely own any. However, I really fell for the culottes trend, but unfortunately, culottes are made for warmer temperatures when worn without tights. I found this pair of ‘fancy pants’, how I like to call them, at TKMaxx and am really pleased with them. I like the colour and most of all, I like how they are cut. The belt around the waist adds a little extra and I love that I can wear them high waisted because that’s the way I prefer wearing bottoms in general. Also because it allows me to wear cropped tops from time to time without feeling to exposed. This particular one is from H&M and is a standout piece in my closet mostly because of the colour. Surprisingly, I already wore it quite a lot and always felt comfortable.


Pictures by Helena Schwärzler

Top | H&M

Leather Jacket | H&M

Pants | Coccara

Shoes | Vagabond

Sunglasses | Ray Ban

Bag | bought at Blickfang


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