Fall is definitely one of my favourite seasons and I have to admit – it is much more beautiful in Vorarlberg than in Vienna. Even if I spent about 19 falls here, I was quite amazed about the colours and the beautiful crisp mornings when I arrived in Vorarlberg to visit my family for a few days. I prefer colder weather to hot temperatures all year round, which is also one of the reasons why the current season is so perfect to me. Also, I really missed my family after two months in the city and couldn’t wait to see them again. One of the perks of living far away from your loved ones is that it is always special to see them again and I really learnt to treasure these moments. Luckily, uni allows me to stay till wednesday even if I have to do lots of work for it.

On our weekly strolls through Dornbirn we (of course) stopped at TKMaxx where I found one of the biggest bargains ever! The grey leather jacket from Michael Kors was reduced from 600€ to 90€  and my grandma kindly bought me a (pre)christmas gift. I decided that I could never wait until Christmas to wear it because fall is definitely made for leather jackets, right? I have to admit it is not my first one, but I can also say that leather jackets are the kind of outerwear I wear the most all year round. There are so many different cuts and colours, appropriate for every new season, that I can’t resist sometimes… Paired with a chunky scarf and over-the-knee boots a leather jacket make for the perfect fall look.


Pictures by Helena Schwärzler

Leather Jacket | Michael Kors

T-Shirt | H&M

Jeans | River Island

Shoes | Rosa

Bag | bought at Blickfang

Scarf | H&M

Watch | Michael Kors


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