Let’s talk Body Confidence


A topic I recently thought about a lot is body confidence. I don’t want this blogpost to become too cheesy or anything, but I just felt like sharing my thoughts. The thing is – most women have times in their lifes when they are not completely happy with their figure. So have I. I got really good genes from my mum, luckily and have always been quite a skinny girl. However, four years ago I went abroad for three months and gained a bit too much weight to feel comfortable. I started loving food as I still do it today and didn’t even thought about the fact that eating Nutella three times a day is probably not the healthiest thing. Back at home I started excercising and eating much healthier – and got back to a feel-good weight. What didn’t change apparently, is my passion for good food and especially sweets. I couldn’t eat all those sugary things anymore without putting on weight, which was very new and annoying for me.

At this time I also started to ask myself if it was okay if I would have two or three more kilos – which may sound very ridiculous to many people that know me because I was never anywhere near overweight. But I realised that many of us women are forced to be skinny just because it is the way we see it everywhere. However, a few weeks ago I started thinking that I wasn’t as good in shape as I probably was half a year ago and at first I thought that I definitely had to do something about it. Which then turned out to be the wrong decision for me. I started asking myself if I was happy at the moment – in general and with my body. The answer was surprisingly – yes. And that is all that really matters in my opinion. Who cares about what the scale says. Most importantly you have to feel good about yourself and be confident in general with who you are and how you look. If that is the case it makes a person much more beautiful from the inside out and if you ask me – there is nothing more sexy than a woman being so confident and sure of herself that she doesn’t even care about other people’s opinions about her body shape.

What feels right may be different for every single one of us, but it has to feel right. I personally decided that I don’t want to pass all the chocolate, but I still like to work out from time to time in order to feel good. And without wanting to sound arrogant in any way – I am happy the way I am 🙂


Blazer | TKMaxx

T-Shirt | H&M

Jeans | Pimkie

Shoes | Vagabond

Bag | bought at Blickfang


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