The Gown



I finally arrived back in Vienna on saturday and am really looking forward to spending time in my personal favourite city, which I can proudly call home.  I love travelling and felt honestly grateful to do so much of it during the last month, also because I could share the experiences with a few of my favourite people. It is always a pleasure for me to see new citys, meet interesting human beings and just enjoy being able to do all of this. I always get very excited to pack my suitcase and leave the flat, kwoing there is a new adventure ahead of me. Personally, I was a bit disappointed by Cologne even if we had a great time there – it isn’t nearly as beautiful as Vienna. However, I was positively surprised by Bratislava – lots of sweet little cafés, very charming streets and really good prices 😉 I will definitely go there again and hope to have the opportunity to see many more places in the near future.

However, at the end of the day nothing beats lying in my own bed, in my own flat and overlooking beautiful Vienna from our roof terrace. And in my opinion that’s just the way it should be – you should have a place that you are always happy to go back to, where you feel most comfortable in. Even if uni hits again today and I am sure that I will soon be too busy to do anything than study, sleep, eat and repeat, I’m looking forward to autumn in Austria’s capital.

On another note, I wanted to share some ball gown pictures, my sister and I shoot in the woods. Here in Austria prom season slowly starts again and therefore it is the perfect occasion. I had my own prom three years ago and wanted to find the perfect dress, like most of us girls do. In my mind it was long, flowy and black – backless with long sleeves and lots of lace. Quite the opposite to what I finally found, but I was and am still happy with my choice. This long off-white number with the gold details made me feel like a princess and still does today, whenever I put it on. I adore it’s simplicity and elegance and really hope to have the chance to wear it to any occasion soon.



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