I came back to Vienna two weeks ago now, but headed straight to Cologne for a ‘business trip’, as we like to call it 😉 We attended Europe’s biggest digital marketing fair to get a glimpse into the business and do some networking. Of Course, my girls and I decided to stay a little longer to get to know Cologne, do some shopping, visit a few museums and go clubbing. I really enjoyed seeing them again and spending quality time in our beautiful airbnb appartement. Despite the fact, that I am looking forward to stay in our flat in Vienna for a longer periode of time soon, I enjoy travelling a lot and am very grateful to have the opportunity to do so. When you are reading this, I am on my way to Bratislava for one night, to see the city and check out the clubs. However, I’m afraid on monday me and my girls have to get back to uni and start working again…

Now on to my outfit: this little dress is probably the biggest bargain I made in my life. I got it for 2,70 pounds instead of 30 pounds at Topshop and was not quite sure about the twist in the front at first. However, who could’ve resisted for this price? Turned out to be a good investment because I wore the dress several times till now and felt very comfortable in it each time. I love that it is so simple, but has that little extra because of the twisted part (which is also really forgiving if you have a little food baby). I paired the dress with a beautiful long and oversized blazer, which is unfortunately not mine, but my sister’s coat. To top it of I wanted to wear something fall appropriate and opted for brown high heeled booties.


Pictures  by Helena Schwärzler

Dress | Topshop

Blazer | TKMaxx

Shoes | Zara

Bag | Primark

Sunglasses | Ray Ban


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