Two Favourits



I thought once in a while I’d share some of my absolut favourit things with you. Also things I didn’t expect to love so much, when I bought them. I got these Polaroid sunglasses a few weeks back and took them straight to the UK with me. Honestly, I really liked the look on me when I first bought them (also because I had an eye on the similar Ray Ban style), but I thought the colours were a bit impractical. It turned out that I was completely wrong! You have already seen them a lot in different outfits on the blog because I think that they add something special to my looks. I also feel like they fit my style so well and are the perfect cool piece during summer and sunny days in general.

My second favourit is a book, a book by Garance Doré. I wanted to buy it for nearly one year and finally got it at Urban Outfitters in Brighton. To be honest I didn’t hear about Garance before I found the book, but I fell in love with her style of writing! I feels so honest to me. She describes her way to success hilariously and also admits that she sometimes failed. Also I find her style and her belief in what she is doing so inspirational. I read the book already while in the UK and nearly finished it there. Women like Garance always give me the feeling that I shouldn’t give up on my dreams and that I maybe should be a bit more patient and work hard for what I want to achieve in life.


Sunglasses | Polaroid

Book | Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré


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