Go Green


I am not a huge colour wearer, I prefer my whites, blacks and greys. Which is maybe also one of the reasons why I love fall so much. However, there are a few fall colours I am looking forward to every year – burgundy, dark greens and navy. It seems that summer decided to come back for a few more days (at least on the day we took these pictures) and so I couldn’t really embrace my fall wardrobe yet. Maybe you won’t believe me, but on my UK journey I was waiting for colder temperatures and a bit of rain every day! Somehow the english weather decided to be very sunny and warm, unlike its habbits. I had to wear shorts and skirts nearly every day…

Of course, I won’t go on comlpalining about the sun now. But to welcome the upcoming season – at least style-wise – I wanted to wear something fall appropriate. That’s where the green lace-up body and a big burgundy scarf turned up. I realized that these two colours work really well together, but because of the fact that we are technically still in summer I combined them with a white pair of jeans. And yes – I had to take off the scarf after taking the pictures, far too hot!


Pictures by Sophia Schwärzler

Body | Zara

Jeans | Zara

Shoes | Buffalo

Bag | Love Moschino

Sunglasses | Polaroid

Scarf | Primark


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