On a Personal Note


I already mentioned in my last post, that I was on the hunt for extra special pieces in the UK and I was very lucky to find a few of those items. They are probably not something I would wear on a daily basis, but from time to time I feel like dressing up a bit. Those are the days when I want to show the world – hey I’m a fashion girl and I can rock that shit 😉 Fashion is my way of expressing who I am. Some people might think that’s over the top or those sparkly silver pants are just ridiculous, but in my opinion it is best to focus on yourself in those matters and wear/do what makes you happy.

Speaking of doing and wearing what makes you happy, I am in the mood to talk about that topic a bit more. Over the years I realised that most of us judge other people because of what they are wearing, what they are doing – because of the way they live their lifes. As a teenager it was very important to me, what my friends (or even not my friends) would think about me, and that’s probably quite normal. We grow up, find our style, make decisions and have to live with the consequences. But in the first place it is important to focus on ourselfs. Don’t get me wrong, I always want to be there for my friends and family, but what I mean is, that it is not okay to judge other people by anything which is not our own business. We are all so different and I think that’s what makes the whole thing really fun, doesn’t it? It makes me happy seeing someon with crazy patterned pants or great shoes on the streets and sometimes I would love to run across and tell them how much I like their outfit. The point is – I think I should do that, but it is often much easier to talk badly behind ones back than tell them how great they look.

I am not sure when all these things came to me, probably over the last few years, but I am sure it was the point when I started finding my own style, getting really into fashion and letting go of the fear that someone could talk behind my back about me. Just because I would also try to accept anyone and the way he or she dresses. Thinking less about other people’s opinions also made me much happier and gave me the feeling that I can do what I wanted and don’t have to be afraid of stupid little things. Also Fashion makes me happy every day and it may be such a small thing and for everyone something else, but realising that and being grateful about the fact that I have someting I am really passionate about is very important to me. There are some days when I maybe can’t see this importance, but in the end I try to always be positiv and hold on to the things I love.


Pictures by Helen Schwärzler

Top | Mango

Pants | Zara

Shoes | Humanic

Bag | Zara

Sunglasses | Polaroid


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