I more often than not take travelling as an excuse to do some shopping. Different stores than at home, more stores than at home, money I saved for this occasion,… There are many reasons why shopping abroad is fun. Of course, I found some special pieces, also this time.  I was on the hunt for items that add a lil’ somthing to my wardrobe – I wanted something that catches your eye (stay tuned for that in another post). But I also wanted pieces that I knew I would get a lot of wear out of and would totally reflect me and my style. I’m sure I mentioned before on the blog, that I love that you can express yourself and do crazy things with Fashion.

The shirt I found at Topshop is probably not the craziest our outstanding piece in the world, but I fell in love with it, the moment I saw it on the hanger. In general I’m a huge fan of shirts, if classic white or plaid doesn’t matter. But what I’m looking for especially, is that little twist or extra, that adds to my outfits. With this one I definitely found the right piece – I adore the slits on the sides, the material and the pockets it offers. If you read my blog from the beginning, you may have realised that my very first post looked very similar to this one. In my opinion this is not a bad thing, but only shows that this look is completely what I feel comfortable in and I could probably wear it every day and have the Feeling that I am wearing something that reflects me.


Pictures by Helena Schwärzler

Coat | TKMaxx

Shirt | Topshop

Skirt | H&M

Shoes | Vagabond

Bag | Zara

Sunglasses | Polaroid


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