Travel Diary

After two weeks of travelling I am back at home and thought it would be nice to share some impressions caught by my phone. My bestie and I did an intership four years back in Wales. We lived there for three month and fell in love with the beauty the UK has to offer. Since then we planned to go back – not just for a short London trip, but for two or three weeks to see more places. Finally, this summer we booked our flights, bought an Interrail pass and planned six stops throughout Great Britain – London, Oxford, Brighton, Stroud, Llandudno (Wales, where we did our internship) and Manchester. We also did daytrips to Conwy and Chester.

I have to admit I wasn’t aware that two weeks on-the-go could be so exhausting. The longest we slept in one place were three nights and our hostel experience (with four other people in a veeery small room) wasn’t really great. However, it was so interesting meeting many different people, if at the airbnb places we stayed or just people from all over the world. We found cities we loved (Oxford, London and Manchester) and ones we didn’t like that much (Brighton). Of course, we couldn’t resist doing a little shopping here and there (ok, I couldn’t resist), but all in all we also did lots of cultural things, like visiting different galleries and – I’m sure that counts – we now know where to get the good supermarket food.

A few things we’ve leart – babies cry (a lot), English streets are not made for suitcases, never sleep in a room with four strangers, things go wrong and that’s okay, Great Britain can also be very sunny, English people are really helpful, better plan your way to your airbnb beforhand, Jamie Oliver’s portions are really (really!) small, having your own bathroom is luxury, bring water resistan shoes, cookies are available EVERYWHERE and last, but certainly not least – travelling is a lot of fun!



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