The Gown

  I finally arrived back in Vienna on saturday and am really looking forward to spending time in my personal favourite city, which I can proudly call home.  I love travelling and felt honestly grateful to do so much of it during the last month, also because I could share the experiences with a few of my … More The Gown


I came back to Vienna two weeks ago now, but headed straight to Cologne for a ‘business trip’, as we like to call it 😉 We attended Europe’s biggest digital marketing fair to get a glimpse into the business and do some networking. Of Course, my girls and I decided to stay a little longer … More Twist

Two Favourits

  I thought once in a while I’d share some of my absolut favourit things with you. Also things I didn’t expect to love so much, when I bought them. I got these Polaroid sunglasses a few weeks back and took them straight to the UK with me. Honestly, I really liked the look on … More Two Favourits

Go Green

I am not a huge colour wearer, I prefer my whites, blacks and greys. Which is maybe also one of the reasons why I love fall so much. However, there are a few fall colours I am looking forward to every year – burgundy, dark greens and navy. It seems that summer decided to come back … More Go Green


I more often than not take travelling as an excuse to do some shopping. Different stores than at home, more stores than at home, money I saved for this occasion,… There are many reasons why shopping abroad is fun. Of course, I found some special pieces, also this time.  I was on the hunt for … More Sassy

Travel Diary

After two weeks of travelling I am back at home and thought it would be nice to share some impressions caught by my phone. My bestie and I did an intership four years back in Wales. We lived there for three month and fell in love with the beauty the UK has to offer. Since … More Travel Diary