I am definitely not a person who loves to wear classic or very chic clothing. When I was younger and hadn’t really found my style yet, I often dreamed about working in an office and go there in a blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt. Now, I know that I wouldn’t feel myself in such a combo and also realised during my internships I made in the past, that I would much prefer working in a creative environment, where nobody really cares about what you are wearing. Don’t get me wrong – I like dressing up, but in my own casual way.

That’s why I swapped the classic blouse against a casual tee in this outfit and decided to wear shoes that are a bit more fun than black pumps. I own nearly all of the basics you would need for a ‘business look’ – black blazer and pumps, white blouse, black pencil skirt and trousers. However, I prefer to mix these pieces with more laid back ones. For me the ultimate fun piece are my mirrored sunglasses from Polaroid in violet with green lenses. They make the outfit less serious and just more me.


Blazer | H&M

T-Shirt | Zara

Jeans | River Island

Wallet | Michael Kors

Shoes | Jasper James

Sunglasses | Polaroid


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