Flower Power


A few weeks back a good friend and I had a discussion about which season was our favourite. Mine will always be spring, but he was very surprised to hear, that summer is my least favourite one. Yes, that’s right – I don’t like the temperatures to be too hot and even if there is a huge variety of dresses and flowy skirts for summer, I prefer wearing jeans and long trousers with jackets. Of course, having summer holidays is nice, but I was one of those students – and still are – who always enjoyed going back to school (now university) in September. Now that I’m studying in Vienna I’m also looking forward to seeing my friends there and to share the flat with my roomie.

Fashionwise fall is definitely my favourite season of all times, as it is probably of most fashion lovers. Layering is one of my favourite things to do and I will always adore dark colours. Surprisingly, the weather in Austria was quite warm last week and I couldn’t wear fall-fashion already. However, it was the perfect occasion to wear my new flower printed blouse with denim shorts – a very nice contrast. I fell in love with the dark print as well as the ruffel details on the blouse and see me wearing it with black jeans and a cardigan during colder days.


Blouse | Primark

Shorts | H&M

Backpack | More & More

Shoes | Vagabond


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