I have two younger sisters and we all think that our dad is the luckiest man in the world as he has four women at home – not so sure if he would agree with us 😉 However, we couldn’t be more different. Helena prefers to stay at home, I like being around people the whole day. Sophia deciced to go for a job in Vorarlberg right after school and I wanted to go to uni far away from home. But in the end we are family and as we are getting older, we enjoy spending time together, laughing about family issues no one would understand and – taking pictures. Both, Helena and Sophia, are very kindly taking photos for my blog and last week Sophia and I decided to have ice cream at the lake and take the camera with us.

It wasn’t really about our outfits, but about having some sister time with good pictures of both of us as a result. In my opionion lakeside photos are always a good idea and I enjoy standing in front of the camera as much as taking pics of my beautiful little sis. We definitely have to go for our little shooting trips more often during the holidays!

PS: While you are reading this, I will already be in the UK for a two week long trip with my bestie. We’ll travel to different destinations and enjoy our favourite country to the fullest. I will prepare some posts for you and there will definitely be a lot of instagram content of our adventures.


on Sophia

Top | Partons of Peace

Shorts | H&M

Shoes | Dune

on me

Body | Zara

Shorts | H&M

Shoes | Calvin Klein

Bag | Zara


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