There are some days when I just don’t feel like wearing something very fancy with a lot of accessories. For me those days are rather rare I have to admit – it feels weird to wear hardly no rings for example, as I’m such a ring lover. But last week when I met up with two of my girls for a chilled evening with good food and drinks at home, I decided that my outfit had to be very simple and laid back. I just wanted to feel comfortable and didn’t want to wear a lot of colour. Those girls-nights-in aren’t about what you are wearing, but about the conversations and the comfort.

I decided to reach for silky pants which I haven’t worn in a very long time (don’t ask me why). Combined with a simple black tee it made for a very comfy look, that also looked stylish. I knew that it would get a bit chilly in the evening so I opted for my beloved denim jacket and sandals that I now had for 7 years and are still one of my favourits. All in all I love the simplicity of this outfit with the mainly black colour and some light blue details mixed in. Blue is now officially my favourit colour!


Denim Jacket | H&M

T-Shirt | Zara

Pants | Vero Moda

Shoes | Zara (old)

Bag | No Name


3 thoughts on “Urban

  1. Hi Tanja, dein Outfit gefällt mir wieder besonders gut. Vor allem die Tasche
    hat es mir angetan. Hast du diese in Wien erstanden?
    lg Karin B.


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