TKMaxx Haul

Long & Son | I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I love small cross-body bags at the moment. They fit just the essentials and are far more convenient than a big shopper. For summer I was looking for a more colourful and fun option, which I definitely found in this piece.


CHIKA10 | Most of my sandals are not the most comfortable ones and I couldn’t wear them for a whole day on my feet. However, the comfy ones I’ve seen till now were a bit boring. It was love at first sight with these ones – I adore the colour and the stones, that definitely add something special to the shoe.
Makers of WAX GOODS | Everyone who knows me a bit better is surely aware of my love for scented candels. I own a few of them and love to burn them in the evenings when I’m chilling in bed with my laptop. By far my favourite scents are masculin and woodie. This candle smells of a men’s perfume and is everything I wish for in a scent.
Ted Baker | What can I say – I love dressing my iPhone in beautiful cases because it gives my phone such a personal touch (not that the 3000 photos on there wouldn’t be personal enough haha). This one stood out to me because of the beautiful colours and the motive that reminds me of my constant wanderlust.

My family and I have a ritual since I was a little girl – every saturday morning we go to Dornbirn to have breakfast at our favourite bakery and afterwards we do a little shopping. Since I’m now most of the year in Vienna, I really treasure this quality time with my parents and my grandma. It’s nice to catch up about what happend the past week and about what is coming up during the next one. One of our stops is always TKMaxx and we are all one of those people who will find something every single time we are there. For me it’s most of the time shoes and candles, my mum loves jackets and my grandma’s weakness are pretty storage boxes. As I am a very lucky girl my grandma and my parents are very generous and spoil me from time to time and so I was gifted the shoes and the lovely bag.



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