White Shirt pt. 3


For my third white-blouse-look I chose to wear a festival inspired outfit. I’m really sad that I haven’t had the chance to visit a real festival yet – Coachella is a big dream of mine. At least I made it to Vienna’s Donauinselfest this year, but I get very jealous every year I have to look at all those Coachella pictures on Instagram. I imagine myself in high-waisted denim shorts and a transparent white blouse over my bikini, flowers in my hair and big round sunglasses, having fun with my girls and dancing all night long. It would be the bomb, I know it! Someday, we will make it there for sure…

However, this year I had to swap the transparent blouse against one that is not see-through and let the flowercrown aside – that would have been a bit too much for a city stroll on a casual sunday. Nevertheless, I enjoyed wearing this outfit a lot. It is effortless, stylish and very comfortable. I have the feeling that classic blouses tend to disappear from our closets nowadays, which is truly sad. There are so many blouse options in the shops at the moment – off-shoulder, crazy prints, different cuts,… However, a classic blouse can be worn for nearly every occasion. My conclusion of styling it three different ways is definitely that it is a very versatile piece and will for sure be a classic for a long time.


Blouse | Hollister

Shorts | Mango

Bag | Zara

Belt | Primark

Shoes | Fleamarket


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