White Shirt pt. 2


As metioned in my last post Silvio and I shot three different outfits with the basic white blouse. For the second location I decided to do something different and chose an underground parking in Feldkirch. Of course, it is much more difficult to shoot in such  surroundings than outside in nature where you have natural light. Unfortunately, Silvio and I are both no camera pros, but after some very blurry picturs and trying different camera settings we got some really cool photos. Ok, they’re sometimes still a bit blurry, but I think that only adds to the whole atmosphere of the shooting. And of course, Silvio really has an eye for what looks cool and urban.

This time I styled the classic blouse in contrast to modern girlfriend jeans. I am a huge fan of trying something new and interpret clothes in my very own way. In this case these two pieces work really well together and to top it all of I added more contrasts – Nikes for the sporty vibe and my Love Moschino bag for some elegance. What I love about fashion the most is, that I can create something new everyday and express how I feel and who I am. I would clearly not wear this look all week long. However, if I feel like something a bit more casual and sporty it is definitely the right thing for me.


Blouse | Hollister

Jeans | Pimkie

Shoes | Nike

Bag | Love Moschino

Necklace | Forever21


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