White Shirt pt. 1


At the moment my family is on holidays in Crete and even if I would really love to be with them and enjoy the sun and the sea, I like being home alone (with our dog, of course) and planning fun activities with my friends. This past weekend I spent some time at the spa in Tyrol with one of my best friends, which was very relaxing. But on sunday, I decided to be a bit more productiv and asked Silvio (@silvioagueci), who you have last seen here, if he would like to take some outfit pictures – he is not only a talented fashiondesign student, but also a very good photographer! We decided to meet in Feldkirch which has a really cute old town and came up with the idea to style one basic piece (in this case the white blouse) in different ways.

Today I’ll show you the first look with the classic white blouse, which I actually stole from my sisters closet 😉 I decided to pair it with one of this years sale pieces – shorts with a flower pattern from H&M for only 5€. Normally, I love denim shorts and skirts during summer, but I fell in love with the light fabric and the fact that I will never have any problems with the wind while waiting for the tube in Vienna. To make the outfit more evening or summerevent appropriate I paired it with my nude strappy sandals from Zara, but decided to go for a casual  fringe bag. Styling the blouse in three different ways really made clear that this is a piece every woman should have in her closet, no matter which style she prefers.


Blouse | Hollister

 Shorts | H&M

Shoes | Zara

Bag | No Name

Sungalsses | Primark


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