Summer Mood


This weekend the sun finally came out in Vorarlberg and hence also my mood got a lot better. I took the possibility and went swimming (ok, sunbathing) with my sister and enjoyed cruising through town on my red motocycle. Today is my first day of the 4 weeks-long internship I’m doing during the summer, but I still hope for the weather to stay warm and sunny – I have to wear all the dresses still waiting in my closet!

When it is warm outside I prefer to wear easy outfits I don’t have to put too much thought into and feel comfortable in. I often opt for a simple body and denim shorts. Denim shorts have always been a favourite of mine, but unfortunately I do not find many pairs that fit me, so my collection is rather small compared to the rest of my belongings. Bodys are not that long on my favourits-list. I only discovered recently how easy to wear and how versatile they are. First of all, you will never have the problem that your top slips out of the bottoms you are wearing and second they are available in many different styles. For me the perfect everyday-piece.


Body | H&M

Shorts | Mango

Shoes | Zara

Kimono | Tally Weijl

Sunglasses | Ray Ban


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