It’s all about the Shoes


Unfortunately, the weather in Vorarlberg does not seem to like being warm and sunny at the moment. After a really warm and sometimes even too hot spring in Vienna, I have to get used to the never ending rain in my home town. And what really sucks, is that it is really hard to shoot nice pictures outside now that I have my little sis helping me with that. Hence I can only show you the outfit I wore yesterday for running some errands in two pictures. But anyway, we should never complain about the holidays right?

For three years now I’ve made myself a gift for my birthday. I have to admit that it has always been either a bag or shoes and this year, for my 21st, I got myself these beauties from Buffalo London for only 30€. When I started wearing heels a few years back, I was really into very high stiletto heels you could barely walk in. Now, a few years later, I realised that block heels (and not sky-highs) are the ones I gravitate towards regularly. This pair I already wore for a sunday stroll in Vienna and for shopping with a friend and all in all they were very comfortable. For me it became clear that shoes are one of the items in my closet I can justify splurging on because of the difference in comfort I realised from cheaper pairs to better quality ones.



Blouse | H&M

Jeans | Topshop

Shoes | Buffalo

(in love with these, these and these)

Bag | Zara

Choker | Forever21



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