Into the White


After a really intense periode of studying I can happily announce that I finished my first year at university even if I’m still waiting for a few test results. I decided to stay in Vienna for one more week on my own to say goodbye to my girls and just enjoy the city without having to do anything else. Honestly – I didn’t expect to enjoy the time I had all by myself that much, but sipping on a glass of wine with a good book on our rooftop terrace was the perfect start into the holidays. However, as my best friend and roomie celebrated her 21st birhtday yesterday, I returned to Vorarlberg a few days ago.

I was really looking forward to seeing my family and our pets again, but as I also want to share some student-experiences on my blog, I have to admit that it is quite difficult for me to get used to living in my parents house again.Of course, I love my family and it can be very nice to always have someone around, but I love having my own flat and being independent. For me it was a big step to move out of my parents place to somewhere 6 hours away by train and I definitely had to get used to it. But somehow it was the most important step to grow up and become an adult. And so I had one of the most beautiful birhtdays of my life in June with new and old friends, my roomie and I made our flat really into our home and we had guests staying over at our place nearly every spring weekend.

But now let’s talk fashion – besides my loved ones and little adventures here and there, fashion is one of the things that always keeps me going. It makes me happy and inspires me. And what could make one happier than the colour white in summer? White and blue is definitely my favourite colour combo at the moment and I also found my love for these nude heels that I own since a year and never realized how comfy they are. How could I forget about them? Anyway –  of course I wore my favourite cross-body bag from Zara and as it is such a favourite of mine I’m now thinking about buying another, more colourful option for summer…


PS: The photos were taken by my talented little sister @helenaschwaerzler

Top | Zara (on sale)

Jeans | Zara (on sale)

Bomber | JCL (at TKMaxx)

Shoes | Humanic

Bag | Zara

Rings | New One, Thomas Sabo

Sunglasses | Laundry


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