White Shirt pt. 3

For my third white-blouse-look I chose to wear a festival inspired outfit. I’m really sad that I haven’t had the chance to visit a real festival yet – Coachella is a big dream of mine. At least I made it to Vienna’s Donauinselfest this year, but I get very jealous every year I have to … More White Shirt pt. 3

White Shirt pt. 2

As metioned in my last post Silvio and I shot three different outfits with the basic white blouse. For the second location I decided to do something different and chose an underground parking in Feldkirch. Of course, it is much more difficult to shoot in such  surroundings than outside in nature where you have natural light. Unfortunately, … More White Shirt pt. 2

White Shirt pt. 1

At the moment my family is on holidays in Crete and even if I would really love to be with them and enjoy the sun and the sea, I like being home alone (with our dog, of course) and planning fun activities with my friends. This past weekend I spent some time at the spa in … More White Shirt pt. 1

Summer Mood

This weekend the sun finally came out in Vorarlberg and hence also my mood got a lot better. I took the possibility and went swimming (ok, sunbathing) with my sister and enjoyed cruising through town on my red motocycle. Today is my first day of the 4 weeks-long internship I’m doing during the summer, but I still hope … More Summer Mood

Into the White

After a really intense periode of studying I can happily announce that I finished my first year at university even if I’m still waiting for a few test results. I decided to stay in Vienna for one more week on my own to say goodbye to my girls and just enjoy the city without having to … More Into the White