Not too Girly


We only have about one month left until the end of the uni-year, which means A LOT of learning and work to do and I realise that my energy level slowly sinks. However, I still love what I do and from time to time I just tell myself to stay relaxed and enjoy every minute of my free time to the fullest. Which is quite easy at the moment as the weather in Vienna gets warmer and warmer and my roomie and I can work from our terrace and have drinks outside on the weekends (or on Mondays, or Tuesdays,…). I’m also looking forward to my birthday in two weeks, as I’m throwing a little party for my friends from Vorarlberg and Vienna – I love having guests!

We took these pictures right before a heavy summer rain and the sky looked dramatic and amazing – perfect background for a very light outfit. I’m a huge lover of leather jackets (I got that from my mum), but until now I haven’t owned any in another colour than black. When I saw this blue beauty in Zara it was love at first sight. As mentioned in my last post I love the colour blue and in my opinion this light shade is gorgeous! Underneath I wore a very girly white lace dress – a nice contrast. For shoes I also opted for something quite girly, I love the pointed cut and the glitter in combination with the nude colour. Overall an outfit that I could wear every day during spring 🙂


Jacket | Zara

Dress | New Yorker

Shoes | Humanic

Bag | Zara


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