I am generally a person who prefers wearing black to light clothes. If you would ask me why, I couldn’t really give you an answer, but somehow an all-black outfit including pointed shoes seems very appealing to me. However, as we are going into spring – or at least, waiting for it – I felt the urge to wear lighter colours. Probably, I will never become a person who wears colourful clothes all the time, but I can definitely see myself wearing whites, pastels and different shades of blue during spring and summer. As I attended a school where I had to wear a blue uniform for 9 years, I was sure to never wear or like this colour ever again. I wasn’t quite right in this case – blue has become one of my favourite colours over time, also because I think that it fits my haircolour and skintone quite well.

Also I can never say no to a good checkered shirt. I own three different options at the moment: a red one, a green one and this blue one, and I think that maybe one day there will be more additions to that 😉 But for now I enjoy styling the blue shirt either with girlfriend jeans as seen here or with my pair of leather leggins for a more edgy look.


Blouse | BLL new york

Jeans | Pimkie

Jacket | H&M

Shoes | Zara

Bag | Zara


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