Last year I first started looking for second hand shops in Vienna – when I still lived in Vorarlberg the idea never came to me, probably because there aren’t any vintage stores in the area I come from. So, when I realised that many bloggers actually wore second hand clothes and that you can really find awsome pieces in those shops, I decided to try it myself. Two girlfriends and I went to a rather small vintage store here in Vienna and they both found really cool pieces, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything I liked. However, during the easter holidays I made a girlstrip to Munich and Silvio recommended to go to pick and weight, which is a second hand shop where you pay for the kilos you bought. When we first came into the store we felt a bit overwhelmed because of the huge amount of clothes everywhere, but I soon realised that you could find some amazing and unique pieces there.

The thing I really love about second hand clothes is, that you will find no-one wearing the same piece as you and I like to wonder who the first owner of the piece was. That is also the case with this beautiful long blouse I found in Munich: I’ve already worn it several times in different ways – either buttoned-up or as a kind of cardigan. I’m in love with the see-through fabric and the dark blue details and in my opinion it is the perfect piece for layering in spring. It’s something very different to the rest of my clothes, but you will probably see it in a few more blogposts in the future 😉



Blouse | Vintage

Top | Mango

Jeans | Zara

Shoes | Zara

Bag | Zara


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