3 must have Bags


black cross-body bag

For quite a long time (I would say about 2-3 years) I searched for a small black cross-body bag – without being sucessful. I always thought it would be the perfect bag for many different occasions: for a night out, a shopping trip or to just carry your essentials on a sunday walk. It turned out that I was completely right. Since I own two of these small bags now, I can happily say that they fulfill all  my wishes and I often have to force myself to take one of my other bags if I hit the city.

This small beauty is from Zara and what I really love about it, is that even if it’s rather small, it fits a lot in it. I carry my big wallet, a hairbrush, gum, my keys and different lip products and mirrors with me, but I could easily put a small waterbottle in it as well. That’s why this bag is my favourite to take with me daily and needless to say that I get quite a few compliments for it 😉



colourful shoulder bag

Most of my bags are black, just because black goes with everything. However, when I found this Love Moschino bag at TkMaxx for just 80 € I thought – why not take the risk and go for a bit more colour? I’m wearing black, white and grey a lot and in those cases a colourful bag can make a big difference and a statement. Of course, it doesn’t have to be green, but what about a light blue bag for spring or a rich red?

This special bag is perfect in my opinion because of the possibility to wear it either on your shoulder or cross-body. It also fits quite a lot of stuff in it, which is always a plus for me personally. And the last big advantage in my opinion is the really light gold hardwear which makes it possible to combine it with either gold or silver jewellery.



big tote bag

Last but not least I have to mention the big tote bag, which is an absolute essential for me. Currently I’m using mine for university, but it’s also my go to bag for every journey I’m doing. It fits absoulutely everything in it, including my laptop and a big waterbottle. If you are not a backpack kinda girl (in this case you won’t have any space problems)  I would highly recommend these kind of bags. On a plane or in a train you will be able to even take a big scarf or a small pillow with you, which is never bad.

I personally chose the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel bag because of the many different pockets it offers on the inside. It makes organising your bag much easier than if it just has one compartment. Furthermore, the material is really sturdy – my bag looks as if I had just bought it even if I have it since nearly 2 years and it comes with me to uni and on journeys quite often.



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