Short Hair


For many years I had long hair and always thought about cutting it to shoulder length. However, I have always been afraid to do so because I thought it wouldn’t fit me or I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it. Last week I finally made a spontaneous decision and went to the hairdresser without thinking too much about it. And guess what? I really, really like the outcome! I feel as if my look changed a bit because of the shorter hair, which I actually like a lot and it also feels very light around my head 😉 I think I will even re-cut it in a few month and won’t go back to longer hair for some time now.

My outfit on this day was rather simple, but very comfortable. I like stripes in general, especially on tops, but often they seem to look all the same. However, this knited top has a more loose style and only three stripes, which I really liked. I paired it with ripped Jeans, which I can finally wear again after winter. In my opinion a pair of ripped jeans is very versatile and can be worn in a lot of different ways. And last but not least I wore my new backpack – and I loved it!


Top | Dolce Stella

Jeans | Zara

Shoes | Zara

Backpack | More and More


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