For about 6 years I used to wear bags to school or university – large cross-body bags, shoulder bags, black bags, pinks bags… My current one is my big Michael Kors tote bag which I really like because of the different compartments and the ability to fit in all my food for a long day at uni 😉 Back when I was in school I thought backpacks were not cool enough and all my girlfriends used to have a variety of bags from lots of different brands. Of course, it was necessary for me to also have a Longchamp and a Georg Gina & Lucy bag for school, right?

However, as the “backpack-trend”, floats all the fashion stores right now and one of my friends always wears one to uni, I decided to give it a go. At one of my not so rare visits at TKMaxx I found this silver beauty and spontaneously decided to buy it. Actually it fits in a lot more than I thought and also has different compartments – just how I like it. And the best thing is, that it proofed to be a good investment right after I bought it, when I took it to a shoppingtrip with my girls to Munich. It was so much more comfortable to carry all my stuff on my back than to always worry about where to put my bag. I definitely think, me and my new backpack will be good friends – especially at uni!


Backpack | More and More (similar)


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