TKMaxx Haul

In the area I come from, we don’t have many different shops – for example there is no Zara, no Bershka and no Brandy Melville. So we were all rather happy when a TKMaxx opened its doors not long ago. Even if I live in a big city now, I enjoy visiting this new outlet store when I’m at home with my family and I definitely have the talent to always find something 😉

Spring isn’t far away anymore and so I thought it would be time for a bit more colour in my wardrobe: I found this beautiful blouse with a flowerprint on it and honestly it wouldn’t be something I would normally gravitate towards, but when I tried it on I was definitely happy with how it looked like. Also, the lace-up ballet flats are great shoes when it comes to the next season, as they make a simple outfit look more interesting. I bought a long denim blouse a long time ago and unfortunately, it was too short to be worn as a dress, but seemed to big as a blouse. So I was really happy to have found a better version at TKMaxx. And last but not least I got a long grey waistcoat, which can be thrown over any black and white outfit and will immediately look cooler.


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