Lakeside pt. 2


As mentioned in my last post I took some outfit pictures with one of my best friends, Silvio, at the lake some days ago. We not only took photos of my look (which you have seen in my last post), but also of his outfit.

I chose my blogname ‘a student’s closet’ because of the fact that I am a student (media and communication consulting), as many of my friends are as well. So I thought it would be interesting to show different styles – Silvio studies fashion design in Munich and hence was the perfect choice. I also had the opportunity to ask him some questions about his style and why he has chosen to study fashion:

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is quite urban. I like wearing simple outfits with lots of black incorporated. Also when I wear shirts I like to button them up to the top – hipster style. On the other hand from time to time I like wearing slouchy clothes.

Why have you chosen to wear this outfit today?

I like this outfit because of the different lenghts of the clothes and the different layers. I’m a huge fan of this coat from urban outfitters and the cut of the cardigan. And of course I love my Nikes 😉

Why do you study fashion design?

I’d like to be a part of the fashion industry, which is fascinating to me, and I am a creativ person as well and wish to design outfits for other people and to always give my best.

Which trends do you especially like for the coming season?

I think it’s good that mens fashion is evolving and that there are more different clothes men can choose from – for example new prints. However, I prefer black and white and nude looks and there are also a few new pieces in this colour scheme for the coming spring.

Silvio’s details

Instagram: @silvioagueci



Coat | Urban Outfitters

Shoes | Nike

Sweater | H&M

Cardigan | Jack & Jones

Pants | H&M


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