Back to Black


Back to black – in my second last post I have told you that I found my new love for grey and from time to time I will definitely choose this colour over black. However, I can’t resist my favourit  colour for too long and HAD to wear all black a few days ago, while still in Vorarlberg. Today uni starts again after 2,5 weeks of holidays and I have to admit that I’m not really motivated…

My total favourite of this outfit is my new cross-body shoulder bag from Royal Republiq. I haven’t known this brand before and was really surprised to find the perfect small (and black!) bag in their range. For over 2 years I searched for this type of bag and found one at Mango half a year ago, which sadly broke down three times until I returned it and got my money back. In my opinion this type of bag goes with everything and is really convenient as you can just wear it across your body. Let’s see if it becomes my favourite one… 🙂


Cardigan | Zara

Top | Mango

Trousers | Pimkie

Shoes | Vagabond

Bag | Royal Repuliq

Necklace | H&M

Ring | Thomas Sabo


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