Just a quick hello from me today. I really need to work for uni – unfortunately, the christmas season is always one of the busiest times of the year work-wise. Anyways, I wanted to share this outfit with you, which we shot a few weeks ago when it was still a little warmer (not that … More Camouflage

Winter Chic

My parents visited us at the beginning of the week and my mum was kind enough to bring her camera and take some outfit pics for me. We had two really nice days with a lot of Glühwein, family time and a cool concert. Now I’m even more looking forward to going home in about three … More Winter Chic


We took these pictures exactly two weeks ago, the day I went back to Vienna. I had a 6,5 hours train journey ahead of me and just didn’t feel like putting a whole face of make-up on. I have to admit that I don’t go make-up-less very often and most times I only do it on … More Bare

Winter Chic

It is slowly getting festive in Vienna! Christmas lights are already up and the shops are full of decorations – I may have already bought some festive napkins and a kitchen towel… and was that a new red winter coat that suddenly joined my collection? Probably.

Autumn Leaves

Happy tuesday! I am in Vienna again and already spent a 10 hour day at university yesterday. Work mode is on! I’m really looking forward to the coming weeks – not because of the crazy amount of work that is going to come, but because of my parents visiting us, cozy friends-evenings in and the festive … More Autumn Leaves

Studs all-over

I am back in Vorarlberg and once again realized that probably nothing on earth calms me down as much as the countryside. Vienna is a very big city for a girl that grew up in a village with 4.000 inhabitants and even after living more than three years in Austria’s capital city, I sometimes get … More Studs all-over


These pictures were shot exactly one year ago in Vorarlberg when I visited my family and I am very happy to be able to see them again next week after being back in Vienna for over one month now. As a final year student (media and communication consulting for those of you who don’t know) there are … More October

Colour Scheme

It’s 21.00 and I am sitting on our terrace in Vienna writing this blogpost. I just came home from uni and am grateful to be able to enjoy a warm evening outside. Over the past weekend I drove home to Vorarlberg to see my family and for a (too) short trip to Milan. I have never been the … More Colour Scheme

Think Pink

I have to keep things short and simple today as I should do a hundred other things for uni, but I still wanted to share these pictures, I took with my little sis two weeks ago. I am not that girly girl that likes to wear a lot of rose tones or pinks. When I … More Think Pink